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SKU : ENER-13-8

You’ll love hearing this: Energizer has its longest-lasting size 13 hearing aid batteries ever. And trust us, we know a thing or two about ears. These orange tab size 13 batteries deliver consistent sound quality across their life span for a better hearing experience. They’re also designed to prevent damaging leaks and premature low battery signals. The premium perforated packaging is more discrete and portable than our previous design. Just spin the double-sided battery dial to access the battery, install in your device with our long tabs, and easily lock the battery door to keep remaining batteries safely inside. Get our best performance and enjoy hearing everything the world has to offer with Energizer hearing aid batteries size 13.

Our longest-lasting size 13 hearing aid batteries ever provide long-lasting performance in a variety of hearing devices
Energizer 13 hearing aid batteries deliver up to 8 hours more wireless streaming than the leading competitor Double-sided battery dial and locking door keep your zinc air hearing aid batteries protected and in place
Feel confident knowing you have the long-lasting power and protection you expect from Energizer
Long colored tabs on these 13 batteries make using and handling them easy Designed to deliver reliable sound quality across the life of the battery without damaging leaks
Model: AZ13DP-8


OlegoXpress wholesale batteries distributor in Canada.

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